Let us know more about of the Rolex watch

You must first observe the dial. The dial of a Rolex watch will always be perfect. No exceptions. The color will be a deep black, the texture will be smooth and matte, the silver markings and crown logo will have a beautiful and clean shine. Under no circumstances an original Rolex Daytona will have fingerprints on the dial, on the markers or any smudges- not even a single speck of dust. Pay attention to these details, because they make the difference between a good Rolex Daytona replica and a bad quality fake watch. Furthermore, a correctly cloned Daytona must have the correct numbering on the small dials, the “Rolex” word engraved all around the inside of the dial and the Rolex crown logo laser etched in the sapphire crystal above the 6 o’clock position.1

The materials used on a Rolex  replica watches are very important. The glass must be sapphire crystal. This very resistant material will protect the watch from daily use, scratches or even powerful shocks. The case, band and buttons must be crafted from full solid stainless steel. These make the watch feel heavy and authentic, and enhance the durability of the knockoff.

Rolex  is one of the most sought after, expensive and famous watches in the whole world. Still, its success and evolution are not that easy to explain. Its popularity and value are a result of its perfect design, extremely precise inside mechanism and association with some of the most loved celebrities and royalties around. Only Rolex could have launched such a unique design and increase its fame so naturally.

The Rolex is a classic watch. It represents wealth, social status and luxury. Only a few of us can afford the original model, but we all secretly hope that one day we will get to wear one on our wrist. I’m not sure if you were aware of this, but one of the most popular Daytona designs is the one with black dial and silver color case and band. When it comes to Rolex watches, the most important attribute is simplicity. The brand managed to construct such distinctive timepieces thanks to its desire of offering understated elegance. Rolex watches are a proof of perfect symmetry, a beautiful play of simple colors and ideal proportions.