Submerged green water ghosts, Submerged blackwater ghost

In the clock circle, Rolex fans often use a word to describe the Rolex: a “labor” for a long time, we can see that Rolex in the Rolex watch, some people love their precise, some people appreciate its Athens, Table fans have an unshakable position in mind. Although there are luxury and noble Vacheron Constantin, Earl, Cartier, but Rolex is still impressed by their own style of the public, much people around the world respected, but also won the collectors of all ages. Next, Wanbiao world Xiaobian with everyone to enjoy the Rolex watch, do not know which makes you drunk?

Water ghost is everyone for the “submerged” nickname, the classic style is the green water ghosts and black water, that touch of green there is a Qinru heart and spleen sense. Submariner-type with a rotating outer ring is the main features of the watch, and its 60-minute progressive scale allows divers to accurately calculate the dive time and buck time. The Cerachrom ring is made of extremely hard, corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant special ceramics. Even in dark environments, the zero mark of the luminous material can still ensure a clear reading.

Green ghost playful and dynamic, while the nigger is classic and prudent, but also a lot of men’s wrist love things. Classic oyster-style appearance, coupled with a cool black ceramic bezel This is a black water ghost, a thick steady watch, a watch with a favorite concern.
Rolex Submariner 116610LN watch with a screw-in bezel, built with ceramic, has a strong anti-corrosion function. Gear-like outer ring to enhance the friction. Using the latest 904L stainless steel case with strap, through the table mirror can see 40MM black dial with a Mercedes-Benz needle, 11 hour markers have a white luminous coating. Calendar display window at three o’clock, the bottom of the back of the table to further strengthen its waterproof. Watch equipped with Rolex proud of the 3135 movement, was recognized by the Swiss official certification of certified timepieces.

The beauty of the green Submariner is that it isn’t as stylistically versatile as the black model. That means while the green color doesn’t work everywhere (such as with a tuxedo), when it does work it looks incredible. Moreover, in our culture green has a range of useful symbolism varying from the color of nature to the color of money. Thus, when you can pull off the green color, it just makes you smile to see the unique color (for a classic watch, that is) mixed with an incredibly iconic look.

Refined and individuality of the yacht Mingshi to blue or mother of pearl surface style as the representative of the surface design inspiration from the blue ocean world. Increase the hour markers and luminous materials coated with the pointer, so that the surface in any case are clear and easy to read. Whether you are sailing on the deck, or in the elegant yacht club lounge, yacht Mingshi type is your ideal companion.